Cocktail Menu August 2017.


In 1872, Professor Jerry Thomas wrote "How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivant's Companion", which was the worlds first cocktail book. Within the  book there are over 200 recipes for what the The Professor calls "fancy drinks", each separated into 12 categories. In 2003, Gary Regan wrote "The Joy of Mixology", and redefined the cocktail families for recent resurgence of the cocktail world. This menu us a marriage of both, taking six categories from each book and designing drinks around them. Each drink therefore is entirely different from the last, meaning there is a drink here for everyone. We're sure you'll enjoy our creations however, if you don't spot anything that tickles your fancy, please feel free to order off the menu.


Pink Orchid.

cocktail family - Modern / classic

sweet, fruity, sessionable.


Lady or not?

cocktail family - Beer

fruity, malty, complex.

Always Dreaming.

Cocktail family - julep

long, refreshing, light.


cocktail family - Milanese

short, bittersweet, floral.


Woodger Believe It

cocktail family - highball

sweet, sessionable, nostalgic 


Bartender’s Breakfast.

Cocktail family - cocktail

boozy, sweet, confusing. 

Running in the Wheat Fields. 

Cocktail family - sparkling

light, fizzy, fruity.

Charge of the Gendarme.

Cocktail Family - Sangaree

long, refreshing, tannic.

Pearadise City.

Cocktail family - sour

refreshing, fruity, sessionable.


Smoke & Mirrors.

Cocktail family - punch

sweet, light, tropical.

Beinn Artair.

Cocktail family - cobbler

fresh, aromatic, fruity.

Cocktail Menu March 2017.


Aberdeen is a city that has a long and compelling history, and this menu has been designed to the you on a touch of some of the many fascinating locations scattered throughout the Granite City. Eight of the cocktail below have been crafted with a location in mind, that we urge you to visit and discover for yourself. Each cocktail has been designated with a colour, and with every cocktail, you will receive a badge. When visiting the location, take a selfie wearing the badge and use #orchidaberdeen when uploading the photo to social media. Anyone who visits all eight locations will have an honorary mention on our next menu.

13 King Street.jpg

13 King Street.

refreshing - crisp -  bittersweet.
New Orleans to Home

New Orleans to home

vibrant - fresh - rich.
Miso Squashy.jpg

Miso Squashy.

light - refreshing - citrusy.

What's my name again?

rich - sweet - wintery.

Pink orchid.

sweet - fruity - sessionable.
Religious Robbery.jpg

religious Robbery.

sweet - light - tropical.

thyme for change.

herbaceous - light - fizzy.
Montauk In Frost.jpg

montauk In frost.

wintery - balanced - full

born slippy.

long - fizzy - tangy.